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With SPOT you have the latest and most advanced features available to run and automate your business. Here is a short list of new and enhanced features.

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New - October 2018 Release

  • Added support for USB cash drawers
  • Updated "Daily Production - Presser Totals" report
  • Enhancements to locker functionality, including a new "Locker Activity" report

New - September 2018 Release

  • Updated Telogis maps to the latest available versions
  • Enhancements to Notification Center
  • Enhancements to locker functionality

New - August 2018 Release

  • The ability to manually assign an invoice to a locker bank has been added to Order View in SPOT
  • "Delivery Comparison" report enhancements
  • Enhanced SPOT API documentation
  • New optional data node for printed invoices to display the total sum of all savings (discounts, coupons, adjustments)

New - July 2018 Release

  • FedEx added as a provider to shipping integration
  • A "Locker Pickups" tab has been added to the Notification Center if new locker functionality is active
  • Option to "Prompt for Promised Date Change" setting added to Split Reasons
  • Configuration Tracking now has "Export" and "Filters" options

New - June 2018 Release

  • MDC Mobile App now supports locker integration
  • Home screen logos may now be either 130x75 pixels or 185x80 pixels in size
  • "Cash Received" report now supports accessing archived data
  • "Daily Report" sorting enhancements
  • RouteTrac Mobile App enhancements

New - May 2018 Release

  • A To Do task list has been added to SPOT, available from the Home Page
  • Price tables in SPOT can now have production promised date schedules
  • A "Key Performance Indicators" report has been added to the Management folder of Reports Gallery
  • MDC Mobile App now supports logging in with biometrics
  • RouteTrac Mobile App now supports logging in with biometrics

New - April 2018 Release

  • Security option to restrict the use of the "Reset Button" in Assisted Assembly
  • Integrated "Mobile App/API Feedback" into the "Notification Center"
  • Customize your "Customer Info Slip"
  • Updated "Mobile App" usage reports
  • MDC Mobile performance enhancements

New - March 2018 Release

  • Activity log enhancements
  • Ability to email open A/R invoices to a specific customers
  • "Cashout Summary by Date" report as a Report Queue enabled report
  • SMS reply logic for Store closed and Late Responses
  • UPS shipping integration  
  • Suspend/pause route delivery via MDC Mobile option
  • "Store Description" option for display on web and in Mobile app
  • Search for a customer and "Add Pickup Request" on RouteTrac

New - February 2018 Release

  • Alternate invoice Mnemonic option making inventory transfers simpler
  • Touch ID login support for MDC Mobile and RouteTrac
  • MDC Mobile App supports the signup option for static or on demand service

New - January 2018 Release

  • MP Special arm configuration tool avaiable in SPOT configuration tool
  • Sortable columns in "Notification Center"
  • QC Flags for Redo Items
  • Updated RouteTrac Mobile delivery screen 
  • Fast access from Quick screen to Pickup screen for customer with nothing to drop off
  • Option to "Bypass" the auto route selection at customer signup.  This allows the user to manually assign a route customer to a specific route.

New - December 2017 Release

  • Batch verify and update SMS capable customer phone numbers to SMS/Mobile type
  • New customer "Racked Order" notification to assist in verifying a customers first visit
  • SMS and Email template editor updates
  • Route Stop and On-Demand settings verification
  • Tailwinds tagging support for memorized colors by department
  • RouteTrac localization options
  • Mobile App color configuration enhancements

New - October 2017 Release

  • HSL label change audit report
  • Notification Center acknowledgement and security enhancements
  • Login option using Mobile number in Mobile app and CustomerConnect
  • Mobile app option to configure notification preferences 

New - September 2017 Release

  • Send a customer email or SMS  message when a PNP "PickedUp Not Paid" is processed
  • Send a customer an SMS on a credit decline transaction
  • Report for "Feed Back" sent from Mobile App
  • Gift card detailed liability report

New - August 2017 Release

  • Activity log entry is created when a time clock entry is removed
  • Assisted Assembly invoice option to print invoice X of Y for a visit on the invoice.  This will assist your assembly process with know how many orders are out standing for the customer
  • Import "Merchandise item" information via Excel spreadsheet
  • Option to charge a "Once a Month" delivery fee on the first route invoice for the customer
  • Mobile App - Enhanced "Coupon" logic including multi and single use options
  • Mobile App - Hide prices on orders screen
  • Mobile App - Option to disable "Welcome Screens"
  • Mobile App - "On my Way" validates store operating hours and warns customer of store operating hours
  • RouteTrac - Added number of orders to deliver to drivers screen with shortcut for "0" bag deliveries

New - July 2017 Release

  • Notification Center with "Alert" used to centrally view incoming SMS, web requests, messages and route signups.  Reply to SMS requests directly from the notification center.
  • Customize the names of "Notifications" displayed in CustomerConnect
  • Option to "Auto Apply" at next mark-in referral award coupons
  • Hotel statement layouts can be assigned at the hotel level
  • "Staging Screen" added to ProductionTrac to display lot, rush and route information in a large format
  • "Claim In Process/Active Session" manifests on the select manifest screen in RouteTrac 
  • "Scan at Delivery" options at the route stop level supporting, Required and Optional scan options

New - May 2017 Release

  • Activity log entry created for "Ready" orders being re-racked
  • "Total" line added to the "Production Commitment" screen
  • Updates to the "Route Stop Profitability" report
  • Updates to "Facebook" login in CustomerConnect

New - April 2017 Release

  • Added column headers to the data export
  • Option to have the "SMS Replies" alert as the first alert on the page
  • "New Customer" signup report includes "Origin" that includes, SPOT, CustomerConnect, Mobile or API
  • Option to print a progress slip for AR/Cash Credit based reward programs
  • Added the option for a "Comments Box" to the CustomerConnect default template
  • Added Google Analytics to the CustomerConnect default template

New - March 2017 Release

  • Mobile App 3.0 released
  • RouteTrac Mobile 5.0 in Beta testing
  • SMS replies alert enhancements with option to display at the top of the alerts page
  • Option to review and report on the "Origin Signup" of a customer record (Spot, Mobile App, CustomerConnect or API)
  • CustomerConnect integration with Google Analytics and Adwords 

New - February 2017 Release

  • Mobile App 3.0 in Beta testing
  • Enhanced email tokens supporting Store Hours
  • Configure the Minimum Quantity of an upcharge

New - January 2017 Release

  • On-Demand pickup request cut off time over ride with security 
  • On-Demand pickup request confirmation email
  • CustomerConnect - Promo codes and Referral Source integration
  • CustomerConnect - Check gift Card balance for up to 50 cards (does not require user login)

New - November 2016 Release

  • Lots of new features and functionality added to the Spot API
  • Mobile App 3.0 feature round outs
  • Overwrite expired reward coupon expiration dates
  • PPOH by Department report breaks out proportional department piece counts 
  • Activating / Using a Gift no longer requires an expiration date
  • Look up customer by First Name option
  • Added the current item location to garment search results 

New - October 2016 Release

  • Ability to "Disable" cash credits as a refund type
  • Canadian EMV credit card processing certification with Pivotal Payments
  • "Ignore" option has been added to the Email Address Manager utility
  • Shortcut to issue manager on the "Customer has Open Issues" prompt
  • Option to set a department to "Auto Prompt" for a HSL number at detail
  • Option to print route bag tags for customers with an order for delivery
  • Enhanced option and added tokens for sending a receipt via SMS
  • Continuing work on Mobile App 3.0
  • Continuing work on RouteTrac 5.0
  • Enhancements to the API
    • Referral logic updates
    • Remote service features are now included in the API
    • Edit or Cancel current route pickup requests or suspensions

New - September 2016 Release

  • There is now a "Test SMTP Settings" function in Store Settings > Email Settings. It will test the currently entered SMTP (outgoing email) settings by sending a test email to the Reply Address and report on any errors.  
  • Z reports will now include count and dollar value of gift cards used and gift cards sold/activated (in the Other Detail section)
  • Added option to print a picklist with ready orders during quick receive to facilitate pickup and drop-off in one trip
  • Added "Kiosk Dropoffs Not Detailed" report as well as "Kiosk Not Detailed" alert and advanced search. These can be used to determine who has dropped off items at the kiosk if the bag tag has been lost
  • CustomerConnect / API updates
    • Added setting to hide "Orders" from the main menu
    • Added setting to hide pricing on order view
  • Added SMS presentation type to reports allowing a report to send an SMS message 

New - August 2016 Release

  • CRM entries involving sent emails will include the email address(es) that the email was sent to
  • SPOT now has the ability to use a one-time award coupon as an incentive for customer referrals. A different coupon may be awarded to the newly signed up customer upon signup, first detailed order, or first pickup
  • Added customer's home store number and name to Email Address Manager 
  • Added "Alterations default to Alter Only" setting
  • If PNP reasons are in use, the reason will appear at the top of the visual invoice. Also there will be a (Specify Reason) option to select at pickup to enter a manual PNP reason
  • "Remove Credit Card Information" secuirty right
  • "Remove Rotue Stop" security right

New - July 2016 Release

  • The ability to lock invoices from any changes if they have been prepaid with a specific tender type has been added to SPOT
  • Hosted user may now see the Dashboard URL for the company on the Help > About screen
  • Added a %STORE token to Item Disclaimers which is replaced with the Store Name (to supplement the existing %COMPANY token)
  • Added Reports Gallery > Credit Cards > All Cards on File displays partial card details for enabled customers with cards on file, including secondary cards on file
  • "Orders Assembled" report to the Production section of the Reports Gallery. This report is identical to the "Conveyor - Orders Assembled" report but is instead filtered by store instead of conveyor(s)
  • "Pieces By Department By Period" report has been added to the Sales folder of Reports Gallery
  • Garment search can now be set to default to All Orders instead of In Process Only
  • Include a store manager or route driver picture in OTS campaign emails

New - June 2016 Release

  • QC Flags support has been added to Customer Reminders / Memos
  • Send an SMS message to a manager when the first employees clocks into a store
  • Printable "Email Campaign" tracking report
  • HTML based batch email template editor
  • Ability to sell gift cards at a discounted value while maintaining the full card value
  • De-activated HSL flag prompt now supports comments and user alert
  • Restoration "None Salvageable" operation screen.  Simply scan your none salvageable items and they are added to new "None Salvageable" department invoices and included on the manifest
  • Ability to process partial payments using credit gift based cards
  • Credit card transaction that encounter errors print a "Transaction Detail" slip assisting in troubleshooting the transaction issue
  • Activity log now includes the report presentation used when running reports
  • API Enhancements
    • Support for single sign on using Facebook or Google user services
    • Automatic customer assignment to a route delivery zone
    • Ability to change a customers route or store

New - May 2016 Release

  • Route Bags not scanned alert to provide the number of bags picked up by RouteTrac that have not been detailed
  • Assign new issues to a default user or Group
  • Promised Date Overrides by price table category
  • Production Summary now allows you to group stores
  • Restoration Manifest now supports grouping by Room Description or Room Name
  • Offload sort order option for MP Storage conveyor to support, Invoice, Location, Name, Phone
  • Tsys "Ensure Bill" automated credit card update service

New - April 2016 Release

  • Batch reassign of HSL barcodes from one customer to another
  • Added "Total Savings" option to the pick list
  • RouteTrac now shows next X stops on map, supports optimization of on demand requests
  • RouteTrac Manager now displays time per stop with the ability to export the delivery details information
  • Optimizing a manifest allows alternative Start and Stop locations
  • Enhanced ADP time clock detail export

New - March 2016 Release

  • Web request processing screen now provides access to customer detail screen
  • Screen modifications to support high resolution monitors
    • HSL association screen
    • Activity log screen with enhanced scrolling options
  • Activity log screen scales to high resolution monitors and has enhanced scrolling options
  • Clear all assigned order locations in a Assisted Assembly bay using the new "Rest Button"  
  • Auto hide expired coupons from the coupon selection list
  • Configure a separate email template for Quick's
  • HTML Email template editor and save to data base feature for easy access to email templates across the enterprise
  • Filter inventory to a selection of rack locations
  • Print an Orphaned Garment "Detail Slip" to optimize orphaned garment tracking
  • "Unpaid PNP" report
  • OTS "Anniversary Campaign" for auto emailing customers signup date or first visit
  • Dashboard "Production Score Card" displays this weeks production by user
  • Dashboard / Spot analytics data for "Optimal time to send emails" providing the best open rates
  • Metalprogetti assembly conveyor option to direct a stores orders to a specific offload arm
  • Garment search updates
    • Option to include only in process orders
    • Include column for current process step 
    • Column Sorting
  • Automatically assign a user to be a VIP when they are assigned to defined reward programs

New - February 2016 Release

  • "Customer Selected For A/R Payments" Activity Log entry
  • Additional option to Type 5 coupon to allow for a bundle of two groups of items (e.g., bring in 3 shirts and 2 pants, get them all for 25% off)
  • Tsys 'Ensure Bill' credit card on file "Auto Update" service
  • A CRM entry will now be saved when an A/R statement is emailed to a customer
  • "Send Batch Email" has been added to the Batch Operations screen as a new option
  • Added support to the hotel manifest to select a previously generated manifest, and reprint or export it (xls or csv)
  • Ability to prompt for a promised date change reason (NOTE - for orders only)
  • Ability to specify a item price change reason
  • SPOT now has the ability to prompt the clerk for the reason an order was selected for PNP status at pickup. The reason will be recorded in the activity log
  • Added Multi Language support for ProductionTrac

New - December 2015 Release

  • Hotel sub-account customers can now pay for their invoices in the Hotel Post Orders screen via their own CCOF if the division they belong to allows it
  • The ability to charge a surcharge on individual tender types (by percentage or fixed amount) has been added to SPOT. It may be overridden at the store or customer level
  • Family members saved with a customer record (now called "Other Contacts" in Customer View) are now searchable by name in the Customer Lookup screen
  • Reports Gallery > Adjustments > Discount/Coupon Summary - New report that shows coupons and discount amounts by department

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