What is SPOT Application Hosting?

SPOT Business Systems has developed SPOT to take advantage of current and upcoming technologies to provide real-time data centralization across any number of stores and locations. The technology used to accommodate this is commonly called "Application Hosting", "Software as a Service" or "Cloud Computing". SPOT Business Systems hosting services have been offered since 1999.  We manage and maintain your application and data services for and keep you out of the IT business. You lease the application hosting services from SPOT Business Systems on a monthly basis with several pricing options to choose from.


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Is Hosting for you?

SPOT hosting service offers an effective answer to managing your drycleaning business in the face natural disasters, fire, and theft. In addition, SPOT hosting removes you from the complexities of managing and maintaining your computers and data. You focus on running your drycleaning business and not your computer system! This article explains the advantages of SPOT hosting from real customers who had real disasters!  

Bibbentuckers has disaster strike!

Road Runner has disaster strike!

Disaster recovery is built in to the Hosting model.  We have had many customers hit by both natural disasters, theft and fires.  The content and computers in all cases have been destroyed but the data is in good hands located on our server farm.  We are able to provide business continuance via mobile device, laptop or fax before and after the disaster.  Once the store owner is ready and a PC is supplied with an Internet connection you have business as usual including all customer information, history and current inventory at your fingertips.

Forget the worries of an IT department. SPOT Hosting offers state of the art technologies that will provide a world class infrastructure to your company. These options will provide redundant data storage, application servers and other IT based infrastructure components to keep your business up and running. 

With SPOT hosting your company will receive real time backup, software updates, data base maintenance and world class support. Find out why many of the best operators from around the world have made the decision to rely on SPOT hosting services, shouldn't you…

Hosting is for you, whether you have 1 or 10,000 workstations, our services are built to suit your needs.  

SPOT Business Systems, LLC

Let SPOT Business Systems assist you in managing the technology side of your business.  We remove the headaches of hardware and software updates, user management and other IT requirements.  Let SPOT Business Systems host your application from our fully redundant, secure data center.  Servers that support our hosting operations are located in the

Viawest collocation facility in Lindon, Utah.

The data center provides standard-based network redundancies, redundant Air Conditioning, redundant power with 10,000 gallons of Diesel fuel and 24-hour on site security.  Viawest provides network and infrastructure redundancy.  SPOT Business System's application server farm is powered by Dell, Cisco, Intel, Netapp and Brocade equipment that delivers the reliability and performance you can rely on.


Please contact our sales department at 801-208-2212 or sales@spotpos.com for more information on your options for hosting configuration and pricing.