Route / Valet and RouteTrac

SPOT was designed from the ground up to accommodate your demanding Route and Valet needs.  The route and valet functionality is not an add on to the counter operations, rather it is a complete module that takes your delivery options and reporting to a level not seen in the industry.  We have implemented an impressive route/valet feature set by integrating the latest technologies allowing you to improve operational efficiency and customer service.


RouteTrac - Mobile has been designed to remove the paper manifest and provide your company with route driver accountability and detailed reporting using the integrated real time Route Manager.  RouteTrac - Mobile can be run on a iOS 9 and higher or Android 4.4 and higher devices.  


RouteTrac 5.0 - Assist your drivers
and providing better tracking, customer
service, communications with
and the office. 



Customer Delivery

  • Invoices delivered to customer
  • Time, Date and GPS Location of invoices delivered to customer
  • Validation that the correct orders are delivered to customer
  • Customer stop, pickup and delivery notes
  • Account, visit and last activity information
  • Date and Time Stamp of bags picked up

Driving Information

  • Integration with local device default navigation

‚ÄčDelivery Report Card

  • Miles driven
  • Revenue per mile
  • Revenue per stop
  • Number of customer and stop visits
  • Special notes for delivery route


  • iOS 9 or higher device
  • Android 4.4 or higher device

Route Manager

Route Manager lets you see what is happening with your drivers and customers in real time with RouteTrac - Mobile integration.  Your driver will start a route by logging into a device and complete the route by logging out of the device.  In between the start and and end the of the route the Route Manager will gather the following information

  • Start and end time stamp of the route
  • What vehicle is being used
  • What route is being processed
  • Start and end miles of the delivery vehicle / Total miles driven for route
  • Number of stops to be made / Number of stops made
  • Number of orders delivered
  • Number of bags picked up
  • Customer details with address, items delivered, bags picked up
  • GPS coordinates when the customer order is scanned
  • Orders delivered to the incorrect customer
  • Bags picked up that do not have a current order detailed

You can also compare the routes manifest with orders delivered to verify the manifest was completed properly. All this information is gathered and calculated with a simple scan of an order at delivery or a bag at pickup by your route driver.

Route Manager assists you in day to day route details

Route / Valet Basic Features
  • Delivery Types - Customers have the choice of being a "Static" route customer or an "On-Demand" customer with configurable pickup and delivery days.
  • On-Demand Scheduler - A simple pop-up scheduler is available from almost anywhere in SPOT for easy access to customer requests for pickup, delivery or cancelation of visits.
  • SPOTMap - This feature optimizes fast and efficient delivery.  Driving directions will print directly on the manifest and the route can be "Right Turn" optimized to save time and mileage.  No more worries about a sick route driver.
  • Delivery Manifest - You can print either a "Detail" or "Summary" manifest.  The "Detail" manifest will allow you to see new customers, special instructions, specific marketing information, last visit date, current account balance and order details.
  • Special Instructions - Don't let the special notes of a customer go unnoticed.  You have the ability to place four separate types of "comments" on a customer's route, stop or customer profile.
  • Integrated Billing - Having issues billing and collecting from your route customers?  SPOT has a complete Account's Receivable (A/R) module built-in.  It allows monthly billing statements by mail or email. It also lets you pay statements by using our integrated credit card processing on file (CCOF) feature.  Set up billing groups to allow weekly billing and stabilize your cash flow.
  • Non-Delivery Reasons - Orders that do not get delivered are scanned back to the plant with a non-delivery reason with an assigned follow-up delivery date.  The customer's CRM tab is updated with the delivery reason giving your CSR's the information they need to keep your route customers informed of problem order(s).
  • Move/Renumber Stops - It's easy to move single or multiple stops within a route to a new stop within the selected route or into a completely different route.  This saves time and money in organizing and maintaining your route.
  • Customer Search - Search for a customer by name or by address.
  • Post Orders - Simplify your delivery process with our "Post Orders" function.  This automated batch process closes all delivered orders and posts amounts into A/R or charges a CCOF credit card.