SPOT Dashboard

dashboardSPOT Dashboard is free with your hosted service and provides anywhere  access to your companies heartbeat.  Login to your dashboard using popular Internet browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari from your PC or popular hand held devices.  Once logged in you may customize the layout of your dashboard optimizing your view of operations most critical numbers.   Select to view a single store, multiple or all stores data in any the available components.  Dashboard enables you to customize the look, feel and functionality with the following components:

*Dashbaord is localized to United States date and time formats.



  • Real time alerts alerting production and inventory information like the SPOT homepage


  • Display a snapshot of incoming and outgoing sales as seen in SPOT's summary tab 

Lot Manager

  • View the current status of your production lots with details on each garments location and status


  • Access to your SPOT messaging features allowing you to read, reply and create new messages to your staff

Time Clock

  • View store or employee detail in real time.  Use the current date or configurable date range

Production Details

  • View real time details by store and user of orders, pieces and upcharges processed for the day

Daily Production Details

  • In combination with ProductionTrac view in real time presser and process step production in your production facility

Production Menu

  • Scrolling display built for large monitor or TV providing real time stats for your production floor
    • Lot Manager
    • ProductionTrac Detail
    • ProductionTrac Summary
    • Daily Production
    • Production Commitment
    • ProductionTrac Score Card


  • Inventory Aging
  • Drop off / Pickup (Pieces)
  • Drop off / Pickup (Dollars)
  • Drop off / Pickup (Quantity)
  • Drop offs by hour
  • Pickups by hour
  • Hours Worked by Labor Category
  • Hours Worked by Security Group
  • Inactive Customers
  • New Customers this Week


  • New Customers
  • All Customers
  • Route Customers
  • Maps include pins that are selectable that include customer name, address, last 12 months sales and visits
  • Display both clusters of customers and individual customers at the street level

Available Configuration options

User Definable navigation and tabbing order

  • User definable selection criteria of displayed data including stores, date ranges and customer types
  • Create any combination of graphs, maps along with other components
  • Add, remove or move navigation tabs
  • Add, remove or move components on a tab


Dashboard Sample
Dashboard with customizable navigation tabs

Sample of available graphs

Instant access to Summary sales data. Date range and store selecting

View and print selected reports from your web browser

View lot Manager, PPOH and process step history in real time


Production Menu (scrolling screen)
View Lot Manager, Production detail, Production Summary, ProductionTrac Scorecard and Daily Production

ProductionTrac Daily Production Graph

ProductionTrac Daily Production ScoreCard

Build maps with store and route customer criteria


Labor Graphs
Real time graphs showing labor used by security group or labor category

 Inventory Graph
Display store inventory as a single store or combine selected stores

Time Clock
Access time clock details by store, day and employee


Instant access to read, send and reply SPOT messages via messaging

Many of the alerts available on the SPOT home screen are available