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Credit Cards

Clearent Credit card processing services

SPOT was the first in this industry to provide integrated credit card processing to the POS. Technology has changed a lot since our first integration back in 1996. Today we offer integrated payments powered by Clearent so that your customers can pay with all card types, all ways. Clearent is a payments solution provider that offers transparent pricing and reliable, U.S. based customer support. With integrated payments powered by Clearent, you can count on: 

  • Credit card machines that accept swipe cards, EMV chip cards and contactless payments such as Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™ and Google Wallet™.
  • Simple use and installation
  • The latest security technology including Encryption, Tokenization and PCI Validation
  • Online, easy-to-read statements
  • 24/7 friendly, reliable customer support
  • Contact Clearent Sales at 855-558-3413 for more information

Use the links below to learn more about Clearent and payment processing:

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Gift Cards

SPOT offers Gift Card sales and redemption using generic gift card plastic that contains a standard barcode. A simple to use and feature-rich implementation for your gift card program.  Gift card management is built into SPOT with a seamless interface for selling, using and tracking gift cards.  Drycleaning customers can redeem gift cards at pickup in SPOT as a tender type called "Gift Card."  Reporting sales, usage and balances of cards is available via SPOT reporting tools.  Start up and usage of gift cards is economical and easy to do.  Use your gift cards as part of your company branding...they come in a convenient credit card size and include a glossy four color face.

Use gift cards to enhance revenue and entice larger purchases, add convenience of use, provide tracking and reporting, give credit to customers and facilitate employee spending or barter/trade dollars.  You may use bar code readers or keyboard input to process your gift cards in SPOT.  

If you are interested in proceeding with the integration using gift cards in your operation, please please contact or 801-208-2212.