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This is a list of the most frequently used and requested program files used in both SPOT and SPOT Classic. Documentation for SPOT and SPOT Classic are available from the web site under Support - Document Library.

Document Extension Updated Date File Size
(in KB)
Download Time
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General Use
SPOTPing Utility 07/05/2016 245 01:05
Utility to test and report on Internet Connectivity for Hosted Customers.
Incremental Brand List 04/16/2018 87 00:23
The brand list includes approximately 2,800 unique manufactures. This list can be used as an incremental modifier list. The list can be saved, edited and then imported into SPOT using the "Import/Export Modifiers" utility.
HTML and Word merge documents 02/03/2016 23 00:06
Default htm and .doc used by email and word reminders and merges. Default files are include in build 7.0.01925. Files are delivered in a .zip file.
Issue Manager Default Settings Import 09/27/2010 159 00:42
Use this file to import default settings for your Issue Manager setup. It is suggested you "replace" your current settings with these defaults. If you choose to replace your settings, current configuration settings will be lost.